Craft Show Display

Modular trade show displays offers a new level of professional display quality to your arts and crafts show display. Using our modular components you can create the most impressive and elegant display that would equal those who have one custom-built on site for a fraction of the cost.

craft show display allen wrench connection interlocking cam locks portable displayOur craft show display concept and portable display design enables you to easily flat pack, store and transport your craft show display components easily and display setup in minutes single-handedly and the only tool required is a simple Allen wrench for quick assembly.

If you’re new to the idea of having a high quality craft show display you may not be aware of the importance of having a superior display to showcase your work. Having a spectacular display booth elevates the value of your art and wares.  A high quality display booth helps garner higher dollar sales and also increases the number of sales made throughout the show.

craft show display exhibits trade show booth design ideas portable modular

Assuming your products as worthy of high sales figures as anyone else’s, your display booth can help to level the playing field. Having an attractive display booth increases consumer traffic flow and attracts attention like a magnet as it showcases your work.

Plus, a high-end craft display booth opens doors for you. You get more invitations to better fairs, shows and galleries. It is not uncommon when applying for a show that the exhibitor is required to submit a photo of their display booth with their application to assure your display meets their image criteria.

The upscale craft show display booths win the awards in juried exhibitions. Having an award winning presentation promotes your work as it is further showcased and promoted. It edifies both the work and the artist or purveyor of the work in the display as you get additional exposure and more invitations for even better shows, and so it goes.

Modular trade show panel systems help to maximize your performance and overhead.

Even if you’re starting out with a basic 10×10 booth, your modular trade show display can grow and expand as the demand for your work and your popularity grows. When you increase your display area to 10×40, no problem; just add the extra modular trade show display panels that you need to expand your craft show display to maximize the new space. No need to get a new display.

The patented material that we use to create our modular trade show displays is incredibly lightweight in comparison to other stick-built pro displays, and is even stronger (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) than a traditionally built display structure.

Cover and wrap your booth in any vinyl you like, just like the big boys to give your display that extra push into the booth design stratosphere.

Configure and reconfigure your modular trade show display panels in any configuration to achieve the design capabilities you have in store which can include free standing kiosks, display areas, offices, conference rooms, enclosed theaters, meeting rooms and private storage areas.

Let your craft show display ideas and imagination run wild, add slat wall displays or T-slot stiles and rails. Not to exclude any additional trade show furniture, wall panels and display booth shelves, including floating shelves to better display your arts. Modular trade show displays can get you from here to there.

Portable Displays


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portable displays interlocking trade show display panels exhibition systemIs your company represented at the best exhibitions and trade fairs?
How do you feel about your presentation as compared to other competitors in your field?

Many of the most high-end trade show displays are construction-built on-site and demolished following the completion of the trade show. The same for the show after that, the show after that and the next following show ad infinitum… and that’s just the basic trade show display. On top of the basic structure, there are the staging, lighting, effects, talent, brochures, presentations, promotional and giveaways, etc. These companies would not spend those dollars if there wasn’t a good rate of return on investment in both effort and dollars.

Like it, or not, your trade show booth defines you in the marketplace amongst all the other trade show exhibits competing for the attention of all the attendees.

Your Trade Show Booth

That’s where we come in. We can help you to create Eco-friendly affordable exhibit displays that are modular, reusable and expandable. And these are not your run of the mill PVC pop up cheap trade show displays with curtains hanging. Your modular trade show display is constructed of lightweight, high strength full wall unit components that surprisingly link together quickly and easily, like Lego’s.

Your modular trade show components consist of however many interlocking trade show display panels you need to fit the configuration of your trade show booth’s layout. You create your own design any way you want then get the trade show display panels that fit your trade show booth design ideas.

Get a top of the line modular trade show display for pennies-on-the-dollar the cost of building one construction trade show display on site, and be able to use it again, and again, and again, over and over for all the exhibitions and trade fairs you attend.

Portable Displays

Your modular trade show display comes flat-packed for easy transportation. Assembly is easy as one or two people and an Allen wrench is all that’s needed to snap and lock your trade show panels together. Easily reconfigured, you can disconnect and reconnect your panels to alter your trade show display for special events during your show, if desired.

When the exhibition or trade fair is over, your trade show booth disassembles as easily as it was assembled and flat packs once again for easy transportation and storage, always ready for the next exhibition or trade show.

Portable displays have never been so elegant, functional or portable, yet leaving a lasting high-end impression, with the look and feel of a fully on-site construction.

Trade Show Booth Ideas

Once your trade show booth walls are up, you are free to let your trade show booth ideas run wild. You may paint or apply vinyl wraps, just the like big boys for that high-tech leading edge trade show presentation.

Unlimited Trade Show Growth and Expansion

As your business grows, so does your exhibition display system. Simply get the additional interlocking trade show display panels you need to expand your exhibit display. No need to replace or reinvest on a new system. Your modular trade show display grows with your business; quickly, easily and inexpensively.

DIY Cheap Trade Show Displays


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When you want to save money on your trade show display, you might want to make a very small investment, but you don’t want your trade show display to look like it’s a cheap trade show booth. If you have average or better do-it-yourself skills, here’s a DIY alternative for you to consider.

cheap trade show displays DIY do it yourself with torsion box panels from lowes

You can obtain the patented material we use inside our modular trade show display components from your local Lowe’s Home Improvement’s pro desk. These torsion box panels measure 4 ft. x 8 ft. and are one-and-a-half inches thick. Hey have no solid wood edging, and you will have to figure out a way to fasten the panels together that works for you and your design.

Simply stop by your local Lowe’s Home Improvement, or Google: lowe’s torsion box panels

Nonetheless, this is the least expensive way to get the torsion box panels from Lowe’s. The manufacturer makes these panels available to Lowe’s all over the USA at a huge discount and if they are not in stock when you go in, they can be at your store within a week.

They manufacture these standard 4×8 panels just for Lowe’s and offer them at a huge discount to Lowe’s customers only.

How to handle the 4×8 patented trade show panels

It’s easy. You don’t need any extra wood working tools besides what you already have and you treat this material just like you would any standard plywood. Only, when you are building the walls for your trade show booth, you don’t have to build the walls as they are already completely built at one-and-a-half inches thick, they are fully insulated wall to wall and will resist warping or buckling unlike anything we’ve ever seen… that’s why we use this material in our modular trade show displays.

diy trade show display do it yourself with raw unfinished torsion box trade show panels from lowes

What about trade show panel connectors?

Again, this is something you need to figure out how to do yourself (that’s why they call it DIY). We use cam lock connectors from Norse in our panels. A little research online or at your local hardware store should be able to get you access to the same connection method we use.

If you decide to use the Lowe’s panels and cam locks, you will need to router out the core material and insert solid wood where you want the connectors to be. This is pretty elementary and you can use wood clamps and Gorilla glue or Carpenter’s glue for inserting the wood blocking. Router out your holes to insert your locking mechanism and you’re ready to go.

What about finishing my DIY trade show panels?

When we build our modular trade show panels, we do it to architectural specifications, so they could be made from everything from solid wood planks to any type of metal, fiberglass or stone and everything in between. Your panels will come stock from Lowe’s with plywood exterior facings.

You can prime and paint these panels to make clean, smooth and durable surfaces for your DIY trade show booth. You can also apply any vinyl graphic coverings to your trade show booth for that bit of extra visual impact and design flair.

cheap trade show display diy do it yourself save money

Why DIY?

You might be asking why we’re releasing this how to build your own trade show display information to you. It’s easy. Our clientele are not as concerned about the price as the quality. So, we charge a reasonable rate for our find craftsmanship and expertise in delivering to our clients, the exact thing(s) that they are looking for in their high-end modular trade show display.

We realize that not everyone is our potential customer, but we believe that even the DIY startup should have access to an affordable solution for building their own high quality trade show display, just like the big boys do, without having all that expense.


Congratulations on your new upscale DIY trade show display project.

And remember:

When you’re ready to upgrade, Modular Trade Show Displays will be here waiting to deliver to you the best modular trade show system you ever dreamed of.

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