Aluminum Modular Display System

Modular Trade Show Displays has been making these high end aluminum modular display systems for the most exquisite clientele from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and now you, too can have our exclusive aluminum modular display system to use in your next trade show event.


Granted, this aluminum modular display system is not for the faint at heart. Although weighing in at a fraction of the other solid core aluminum modular display systems, compared to our DIY Modular Trade Show Displays or craft show displays, this is not for amateurs. This is a high-end aluminum modular display system that is only used by and for the most uncompromising event exhibitors.

Our standard aluminum modular display panel measures 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 inches thick, but they can be custom designed to meet your architectural specifications.

One of the most popular connection methods is to have aluminum T slot pressed into each panel for hassle-free interlocking that is high precision in combination with our guaranteed true flat aluminum modular display panels. It doesn’t get much more precise (+/- .006 inches tolerance).

T Slot Aluminum Modular Display System

Specifically designed for the big boys, who are not shy about how they put their products on display. Using our T slot aluminum modular display, there are no limits. You can connect the panels any way that you want, even create multiple levels, like a double deck trade show display with a ground floor display with a second story, or offices upstairs.


Aluminum T slot modular display systems by modular trade show display increases your possibilities unleashing your creativity allowing you to design to your heart’s content on-the-fly on-site, and it’s easy as can be.

This Amazon T slot system is built with our 10 ft tall T slot modular display panels.

Modular Panel System

Always on the forefront of high level design concepts, Modular Trade Show Display can make your exclusive custom trade show display system dreams come true. In fact, leaders in the field often come to us with their trade show system ideas based on their existing model but highly improved.
What the client walks away with is a turnkey modular panel system that meets or exceeds all of their expectations for a sustainable, reusable and long-lasting system that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.


Your modular panel system can be designed to fit your particular needs. All of our modular display panels feature our patented solid torsion box/rigid foam composite core that is lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

For instance, even though our standard T slot aluminum modular display system measures 4’x8’x1.5”, if you would rather your modular display panels were a combination of 20 inches and/or 30 inches wide, no problem. If you’d rather have them three inches thick, no problem. You call the shots, we make it happen.

Slatwall Trade Show Displays

We even have options for you to design the ultimate in slatwall trade show displays. For your trade show display pleasure, we also can help you come up with the perfect portable slatwall display, that can be erected in minutes. Your ideas plus our experience equals unmatched creativity and performance while you can have the highest confidence in an end slatwall trade show displays that can be guaranteed to be fail proof for 50 years.

Premium Modular Trade Show Displays

Premium modular trade show displays can be custom made-to-order to any architectural specifications, featuring any exterior surface material available, such as any natural wood species, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, fiberglass, galvanized steel, glass, Kevlar, Masonite, plastic, stainless steel even stone surfaces, etc…

We are the only modular trade show system among all display manufacturers offering a 50 year no fail guarantee.

Free Trade Show Display Shipping

We are so excited about our DIY Modular Trade Show Display system, that for a limited time, we will be offering free trade show display shipping to your door ~ free of charge ~ to any address in the United States of America.

Now you can have the most advanced, high performance displays for conventions as you put your best foot forward with impactful promotional booth displays that are on the leading edge of trade show event ideas.


How Do I Order My Modular Trade Show Display System?
1. Design Your Trade Show Display
2. Calculate Your Components
3. Click on the Components You Want
4. Check Out with Free Trade Show Display Shipping
5. Receive Your Modular Trade Show Display System

Design Your Trade Show Display

There is virtually no end to the creativity that you can unleash when creating your own DIY trade show display system with modular trade show display panels and connectors. Let your ideas for booth displays run wild as you create your one of a kind presentation booth display.


The sky’s the limit as you let loose your creative booth ideas for trade shows and how your trade show exhibition displays will create your best presentation presence.

Calculate Your Components

There is a bit of ingenuity required on your part to figure out how many of which modular display panels and which connectors you will need to make your trade show display dreams come to life.

diy-10x10-modular-trade-show-display-free-shipping-do-it-yourself-one-click-hereStandard modular trade show panels come in either 30 inch or 20 inch widths. Each panel is 2 inches thick. Standard cam-lock connectors are 2 inches x 2 inches, be sure to figure these inches into your calculations. Connectors come in different configuration for connecting adjacent modular trade show display panels or other connections, like corners or end pieces.


An interlocking door panel is available (door knob not included) if you would like a pre-built door to install in your design.

Click on the Components You Want


Simply click on the Add to Cart button for the components you calculated.

Check Out with Free Trade Show Display Shipping

Once you’ve viewed all the components in your shopping cart and have checked for accuracy. Simply submit your order and payment method and let us know where you want us to ship your new modular trade show system components.

For a limited time enjoy free trade show display shipping direct to any address in the USA – No extra charge: FREE

Receive Your Modular Trade Show Display System

Your DIY modular trade show display system will arrive via truck transport.

one man builds 70 ft trade show display in 46 minutes lightweight modular trade show displays

Practice assembling your display prior to your scheduled trade show exhibition. You’ll be surprised how easy your trade show display is to assemble at a surprising rate of speed and the only tool required is a simple Allen wrench.

And you’ll be glad to know these lightweight high strength modular exhibit systems are just as easy to assemble and disassemble on site.

You are now the proud owner of the most successful trade show booth to appear among the landscape of Eco-friendly and sustainable expo display systems.

1-click Ordering DIY Trade Show Display System
With Free Shipping

Modern Trade Show Booth

When it comes to exhibit systems, Modular Trade Show Displays offer high end convenience, cost effectiveness and sustainability to the table like no other trade show display manufacturer.


When the major players come to your exhibition show, they have contactors show up on site and stick-build their trade show display from scratch. Following the exhibition, the trade show display is demolished and disposed of, while a new system is being built for the next show on the presentation circuit.

If you have an inkling of a sincere desire to be somewhat responsible about taking care of the earth, you might realize this is a huge irresponsible use of natural resources. That’s why it makes sense to take a proactive Eco-friendly approach to your tradeshow representation by investing in a reusable high end system, like those offered by Modular Trade Show Displays, that are lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble and are expandable, so they grow with your company over time.

If you are shopping for the newest emerging technology in modern trade show displays, you will like the fact that all our products are based on the latest patented space age booth materials that are featured on earth, from below the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, including an exhibition show near you.

Why Modern Trade Show Display?

Modular Trade show Components are designed to interlock using the best cam lock panel technology. Individual trade show panel components are lightweight enough that they can be easily assembled by one or two unskilled person armed with nothing more than an Allen wrench as the only tool necessary for assembly.

How Easy Is It?

Modern trade show displays by Modular Trade Show Displays are the only exhibition systems that are every bit as nice (or superior) to custom stick built displays, because they are reusable, lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble, disassemble, flat pack, transfer and store.


You Can Do It Yourself

For the avid DIY aficionado, you can design and build your own system by selecting specific items from our menu of standard products that you can snap together as easily as possible. Plus, if you act now, you will receive FREE SHIPPING to any street address in the USA.

Custom Modern Trade Show Booth

You can design your trade show system the way that you’d like it and we can build the modular components to achieve the results you desire. Our factory can handle any size, shape, style or configuration for your modern trade show booth.

Modern Trade Show Booth Versatility

Grows With You

Your modern trade show booth can be built to your specifications today, then as you business grows, so can your modern trade show booth. Simply Contact Us to get the components that you need to expand to the added floor space that you will be working with when the time comes.

No need to ditch the old one and buy a new one starting from scratch.

Any Booth Materials

Our standard modern trade show booth materials have limited exterior surface selections, but custom trade show components can be made of any flat building materials, like any wood species, aluminum, cement board, concrete, fiberglass/FRP, HPL, Kevlar, Lexan, LVL, MDF, steel or any other booth material you can think of.

Vinyl Wrap Ready

Your modern trade show display is ready to be wrapped with the vinyl wrap of your choice, for that modern look that can be changed from show to show to meet your expectations.



You have the power to create your modern trade show booth to your specifications and/or change the configuration on site to suit your needs. For instance, if you have a meeting or demonstration scheduled at your booth’s location, it is easy to reconfigure ad recreate your design – like into an office or enclosed presentation area – on-the-fly.

Take a Look

Take a look at our standard products, and try your hand at designing your own modern trade show booth with our standard components, or let your design imagination run wild and Get a Price Estimate on the modern trade show display of your dreams.

Contact Us for more information.