Trade Show Booth

I just want to say thank you so much for letting us take advantage of your modular trade show display system. We just finished our first trade show and I want to tell you, we got so many compliments on our display, and it started the minute we arrived. All the other vendors who were setting up, stopped by to see my husband and I setting up and asked us about ours. We were the talk of the show, and it was your stuff that got as much attention as (or more than) our own products. Thanks for Making us look so good.

Thanks for hooking us up with your trade show booth. You made it so easy. I told my wife, there would be no way to get a 10×20 trade show display before the show and we’d be stuck having to get another trade show booth rental. I couldn’t believe we could get a trade show booth in 1 week with 1 click. And when it got here, we set it up in our garage, and it was so easy to do. We absolutely love it and are getting some more pieces because we came up with lots of alternate designs. Thanks for making us look so good.

We just completed our first trade show with your modular system, and got lots of compliments from the other vendors and attendees. Your system made our display appear to be comparable to the other big boys at the show. Thanks for making this available to the general public. I also wanted to ask, are you guys looking for a rep. because I could sell a lot of these at the next show.

I love how everything hooks together so well, and also like the incredible ways you can possibly use your trade show system. I set up with my system with my brother, but I think I could have done it all by myself, and maybe will try that for the next show. It’s hard to believe how lightweight and massive this looks. Very professional. Thank you.

I’ve struggled through with trying to work with some trade show displays that, frankly, were very complicated to set up and everything was so bulky and heavy. I am so impressed with how easy it was to put your trade show system together, and I could do it by myself. Expect some more orders coming your way, other people at the show asked me about who made my booth, I told them, “I did, with a little help from my friends at Sing Core.”