Photo Booth Modular Trade Show Displays

Photo booth lightweight insulated modular portable photo booth stronger than steel
One of the most popular applications for modular trades how displays is the ultra-modern, high end exclusive photo booth. Photo booths, while they can look elegant on site, they are subject to a lot of abuse. That is why more purveyors of photo booths are looking to modular trade show displays for ideas for building the best photo booth conceived.

In terms of strength no photo booth could be stronger. For instance out Modular Trade Show panels are stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660 PSI). Try to find any other panel that is stronger, even if it were solid steel, it may be strong but the weight would be a problem because steel is very heavy.

Modular Trade Show Display panels, on the other hand, are very lightweight (about a third the weight of plywood). Even though trade show displays are our primary function, the lightweight of Modular Trade Show Display panels are advantageous when used in the manufacture of a portable photo booth (just like a trade show booth) due to the lightweight and modular nature of our trade show panels.

Photo booth modular trade show displays large portable photo boothLightweight and modular photo booths mean that your portable photo booth could be the more portable – if not the most portable – photo booth system ever devised. More portable is of primary interest to photo booth rental companies, who are changing their locations periodically (or regularly), for each varied application, like a wedding photo booth

Another key component of the Modular Trade Show Display approach to the photo booth is that the modular trade show display photo booth is also insulated.

Keep in mind that Modular Trade Show Display does not manufacture photo booths. That is to say, that we only provide the companies who custom manufacture and/or build photo booths with our high end Eco friendly insulated modular trade show display panels as components for building their exclusive lightweight and high strength modular photo booth.

Likewise, companies that recondition the more classic photo booth that is fully operational – but an eyesore – seek out Modular Trade Show Display panels as replacement parts and upgrades.