Trade Show Management

Trade show management companies provide expo services for providing trade show displays to meet the demand expectations and specifications of trade show exhibitors who desire to leave a lasting impression on trade show attendees.

In many cases, the first impression is the most important. If your intention is to reach a high end marketplace, trade show exhibitors could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the best trade show experience for their existing clients and potential new clients.

This has expo trade show exhibitors looking for trade show marketing ideas that separate their trade show display from the other (more generic) approaches to trade show displays.

Exhibit Manufacturers

Modular Trade Show Displays is only one of the many exhibit manufacturers that can help exhibitors create great trade show designs that are unique and the can be the most innovative trade show displays from the single story open trade show walls and floor to double-decker, two story trade show displays.

Modular components are available to trade show management companies who seek to only supply the best trade show materials to their clientele. The construction of your custom exhibit and production costs can be reduced by using Modular Trade Show Displays because they can be assembled quickly and disassembled as rapidly. Your structurally sound exhibit is also fully insulated and imbued with innate sound deadening qualities.

Innovative Trade Show Displays

These innovative trade show displays are uniquely configurable and reconfigurable to include ceilings and build an entire enclosed trade show booth conference room with sound deadening insulation including the most impressive trade show display furniture. Trade show flooring, risers and stages assemble quickly and easily with interlocking cam lock trade show panels.

Imagine having your own separated and quiet (due to sound deadening properties) meeting room, theater, conference room or storage room(s) built into your single floor or two story trade show display rental. Or, you might consider purchasing your own modular trade show display kit conveniently flat packed and stored in your warehouse for easy deployment at any time for any trade show event.

Plus, due to the lightweight of your modular trade show display components, you can save thousands of dollars in transportation costs to and from the show and you save even more in drayage rates and landing fees at the event location.

Graphic designs and displays are easily applied to trade show displays using vinyl wraps to cover either portions of the entire trade show displays to increase visual impact of the exhibit’s theme and branding.

Eco Friendly Trade Show Displays

And for the green, Earth conscious exhibitors, like Mother Earth News, all Modular Trade show Displays are lightweight, high strength and eco-friendly. They are built with less-skilled labor, responsibly incorporating a combination of natural wood torsion box core, recycled foam, formaldehyde-free adhesives with little expended energy and little or no waste.

Modular Trade Show Displays use patented trade show panels constructed in standard sizes that allow trade show display designers to create unique one of a kind trade show displays to leave a lasting impression and to amplify the attendees and participants.

Whether you’re buying or renting you’re your highest and best trade show display of all time, you modular trade show display can follow you and you and your company grows and expands.

No need to purchase new trade show displays. Simply get the additional modular units that you need to accommodate your growth, adding another story, office -area or new design.

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Meeting Room Manager

The Meeting room manager’s job just got easier, thanks to your friends at Modular Trade Show Display. When you’re coordinating your next trade show, convention or exhibition, all the presentation training in the world can’t properly prepare you for what lies ahead.

The best way to hone your skills as a meeting room manager/show manager is to get knee-deep in a huge trade show project, roll up your sleeves and dive in head first. Once fully immersed in your first trade show, you will fully understand the challenges that one faces in the trade show industry.

Fortunately, there is software available to help take off the edge of scheduling and monitoring the space as it is allocated and reserved/rented/assigned to particular event exhibitors.

One of the primary concerns is in regards to the trade show display itself

trade show display

Trade Show Display

What type of tradeshow display is your exhibitor planning on using as their display marketing exhibit.

Keep in mind that trade show display refers to any physical display material or presentation, including craft show display, exhibit display, conference room display or convention display that is restricted by specific dimensions and may (or may not) require power.

You should be able to identify all electrical outlets, as well as the electrical amperages, on your trade show floor layout diagrams enabling you to properly match the appropriate spaces to meet the needs of your trade show display clientele.

Trade Show Display Set Up

To make sure things run smoothly during set-up prior to opening day of your trade show event.

Depending on your event location, there may be trade show display landing fees, known as drayage rates, which can amount to one dollar per pound (more or less) based on the weight of the entire trade show display. This covers the price of transporting the crated trade show display materials to the specific trades show space where the trade show display will be built and/or assembled by the contractors.

If local contractors will be used, the meeting room manager will coordinate and arrange for making sure that exhibitors have ample time to get the appropriate licenses, as well as clearance and passes for the contractors and crew to be escorted to the site of the trade show display. Rigging crews will be utilized to hang any overhead signage prior to the trade show display construction. It is not uncommon that one crew will be shared among many trade show exhibitors for their various trade show displays. The Meeting Room Manager can help to arrange the contractors to be shared effectively.

Some modular trade show displays may not need contractors as they can be easily assembled by the exhibitors themselves on site without the use of tools or skilled labor.

Trade Show Maintenance

The Meeting Room Manager is also overseeing that regular maintenance staff is onsite during all hours of the event including housekeeping services to maintain a professional and clean trade show exhibition.

Being able to assist trade show exhibitors as the need arises for repairing malfunctioning or faulty trade show displays or answering the call of unscheduled maintenance needs as they arise can make for an effective trade show presentation.

The effective Meeting Room Manager is prepared for any occasion or unexpected challenge, with the appropriate support staff either onsite or on standby.

Dismantling Trade Show Displays

Contractors will return to the site following the trade show event to dismantle the trade show displays and rigging crews will remove all overhead hanging display fixtures.

Some trade show displays constructed on site will be assumed as single use by the trade show exhibitor and thereby deemed disposable. Exhibitor is responsible for all dismantling, destruction and disposal costs of their trade show display.

Trade show exhibitors are responsible for removing and/or shipping their trade show displays and components. If they are not removed and/or shipped off site by the specified time, their components will be destroyed and the exhibitor will be liable for all disposal costs incurred by the event center.

Trade Show Event Clean Up

Following the trade show event and removal of all trade show displays, all debris must be removed and event location

Trade Show Display

When it comes to trade show displays, one trade show display stands head and shoulders above the rest. That’s why the trade show rental agencies are increasingly seeking out Modular Trade Show Display for trade show displays for the highest level of performance and satisfaction available in the trade show industry today.

tradeshow booth exhibit design tradeshow displays


Because no other trade show booth manufacturer can build a high end Eco-friendly trade show booth that is


tradeshow booths trade show exhibit portable displaysOur trade show displays are specifically designed to be turnkey, easily assembled by one or two people with a single tool. All the components can be easily broken down and flat-packed for easy transport and storage. Everything snaps together and can be reconfigured on-the-fly so you have the display booth design you want, when you want it. All Modular Trade Show Display panels interlock using cam-lock technology for quick, easy, painless assembly and disassembly.


Only a display by Modular Trade Show Display can be built with the highest precision standards due to our use of patented structural reinforced torsion box core (with tolerances within .007 inch) that keeps your trade show walls perfectly straight, with a straightness that never ends. Your Modular Trade Show Display can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years! … No matter how many times you setup and breakdown. (Still wondering why they make such great trade show rentals?)


Your Modular Trade Show Display weighs a fraction of the weight of other stick-built trade show displays (which, as you know are pretty much disposable). This lower weight saves you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in landing costs, just to get you material to the event location. It also assures your tradeshow displays are shipped with lower transportation and handling costs.

Save Money

Save money on transportation and handling costs, replacement parts, repairs (if damaged, Modular Trade Show Display panels can easily be repaired, without having to replace the individual trade show components). No need to buy another one every show (or every few years), although you might want to add additional panels as your success grow, your Modular Trade Show Display can grow with you. No skilled labor needed for assembly, ect…

Exhibit Design

Whether you’re designing a trade show display, or exclusive museum exhibit, your Modular Trade Show Display is reconfigurable into any exhibit design. This added flexibility enables you to be able to custom design all the features of your trade show event area. And attaching vinyl faces to your trade show display is easy, too.

Tradeshow Booth

Using modular trade show display components, you can create the trade show booths that you want based on your theme and the size of the area you have access to. You can order pre-configured tradeshow booths assembled as kits in the most popular sizes that you want, like:

10×10 trade show displays
10×20 trade show displays
20×20 trade show displays

exhibit design tradeshow displays trade show exhibitsWhether you’re using your Modular Trade Show Display as a conference booth and event display or as exhibit booths, you can reduce the cost of your custom exhibit builder with the easiest to use modular components what assemble easy and fast, reducing your per-hour costs for erecting your exhibit booth display. Rest assured that you could possess one of the best promotional booth displays in the trade show industry.

Exhibit Design

You have never had so much plug-and-play modular flexibility in any other modular trade show displays. You can easily construct custom tradeshow displays for the most impressive trade show exhibits, even if you’d like at two story trade show exhibit.

It’s possible to construct your own double deck trade show display using the components from your portable displays.

Outdoor Displays

weatherproof outdoor show displays outdoor displays exterior exhibit boothsThanks to the unsurpassed structure strength of the Modular Trade Show Display system, your show displays can take on new life, both indoor and outdoors. Not only can they be structurally guaranteed, but they can even maintain their superior performance exposed to the elements, unlike other trade show displays. Something you need to think about if you participate in outdoor displays.

Trade Show Rentals

Be sure to ask your favorite trade show rental agency about Modular Trade Show Displays. There is a good chance they have some of our trade show components on hand as a part of their tradeshow rentals inventory. If you already rent trade show displays, no need to change the way you do business, just ask for a Modular Trade Show Display the next time you rent trade show booth.

Trade Show Booth Vendor Booth Ideas

Make this year your standout year at your next trade show, food fair, vendor promotional event, craft show, art fair or other event to display your wares to the masses by making a one-time investment in your own modular trade show display system.

No other trade show display system is so simply turn-key and can be used again and again without fail.

Whether you’re setting up a trade show booth, mall kiosk, coffee kiosk, photo kiosk, food kiosk, art fair booth or vendor booth, Modular Trade Show Booth has the best modular trade who displays available for use in so many different applications.

Now, modular trade show displays are not cheap, so don’t expect bargain basement prices. In fact, modular trade show displays are only for the serious connoisseurs of the finest trade show displays known to man; for they are the elite high-end sports car of trade show displays.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a Modular Trade Show Display:


Modular trade show displays are proudly made in the USA, as are the base materials (insulated and reinforced torsion box core) they are constructed of. The entire manufacturing process utilizes very little energy, incorporates recycled materials, responsible use of natural materials and produces little or no waste. Only formaldehyde free adhesives are used and there are no toxic fumes or off-gassing.


Compared to high-end stick-built trade show displays, modular trade show displays weigh-in at a fraction of the weight of other trade show displays greatly reducing shipping and transportation costs and landing fees. Your whole 70 ft trade show display can easily be flat-packed and wheeled around on a basic piano dolly.


You can rest assured knowing that your modular trade show booth is the strongest display at the event. The patented trade show display panels that are used to manufacture your trade show displays are extremely solid and strong (660 PSI); stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

Assembles in Minutes

We recently timed a one-man build of a 70 ft trade show display, including two offices with doors, in 46 minutes… and this man had never built a trade show display in his life. The only tool that he used was an Allen wrench to assemble the entire 70 ft trade show display. No skilled labor, construction crew or carpentry needed to quickly assemble your trade show display components in minutes. Can be assembled by one person but it is more fun and easy with two.

Lasts Longer than Any Trade Show Display System

Your modular trade show displays are a fantastic investment because they last virtually forever. They will not warp, bend, twist (delaminate) or otherwise fail due to their internal patented warp free torsion box design. You will be glad to know that your modular trade show displays can be guaranteed against failure or warping for a full 50 years. (And they can be easily repairable without compromising structure strength.)

Photo Booth Modular Trade Show Displays

Photo booth lightweight insulated modular portable photo booth stronger than steel
One of the most popular applications for modular trades how displays is the ultra-modern, high end exclusive photo booth. Photo booths, while they can look elegant on site, they are subject to a lot of abuse. That is why more purveyors of photo booths are looking to modular trade show displays for ideas for building the best photo booth conceived.

In terms of strength no photo booth could be stronger. For instance out Modular Trade Show panels are stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660 PSI). Try to find any other panel that is stronger, even if it were solid steel, it may be strong but the weight would be a problem because steel is very heavy.

Modular Trade Show Display panels, on the other hand, are very lightweight (about a third the weight of plywood). Even though trade show displays are our primary function, the lightweight of Modular Trade Show Display panels are advantageous when used in the manufacture of a portable photo booth (just like a trade show booth) due to the lightweight and modular nature of our trade show panels.

Photo booth modular trade show displays large portable photo boothLightweight and modular photo booths mean that your portable photo booth could be the more portable – if not the most portable – photo booth system ever devised. More portable is of primary interest to photo booth rental companies, who are changing their locations periodically (or regularly), for each varied application, like a wedding photo booth

Another key component of the Modular Trade Show Display approach to the photo booth is that the modular trade show display photo booth is also insulated.

Keep in mind that Modular Trade Show Display does not manufacture photo booths. That is to say, that we only provide the companies who custom manufacture and/or build photo booths with our high end Eco friendly insulated modular trade show display panels as components for building their exclusive lightweight and high strength modular photo booth.

Likewise, companies that recondition the more classic photo booth that is fully operational – but an eyesore – seek out Modular Trade Show Display panels as replacement parts and upgrades.

Trade Show Displays

Trade show booth kiosk style modular trade show displays
Trade show booth kiosk style modular trade show displays

Modular Trade Show Displays are unlike other trade show displays due to the unique attributes of the trade show display that is unlike any other trade show display.

We have been told by our clients that official Modular Trade Show Display trade show displays are the best trade show display available in the industry today.

So we asked them

What Makes the Best Trade Show Displays?

After surveying their answers, we determined that the best trade show displays were

> Lightweight
> High Strength
> Customizable
> Forever Straight
> Interlocking
> Fast and Easy to Assemble
> Vinyl-ready
> Quick and Easy Disassembly
> Flat-packed for Transportation and Storage
> Reusable Over and Over Again
> Expandable
> Guaranteed Maintenance-free Long Life

Only official Modular Trade Show Displays can deliver on all those specifications.

trade show displays lightweight high strength modular trade show display

Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Booths manufactured by Modular Trade Show Display set up in minutes feature easy to assemble cam-lock connections. No trade show booth is stronger, lasts longer is easier to assemble or can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Any Modular Trade Show Display can be custom designed to meet your specifications. You design the style, look and size of your display and let us know what modular trade show display components you want and we can provide you with all the trade show panels that will meet or exceed all your trade show display expectations.

Trade Show Booth Rental

If you are attending a trade show and may not be interested in purchasing your own Modular Trade Show Display, simply contact your favorite trade show rental supply and request an official Modular Trade Show Display trade show booth.

Having a modular trade show display trade show booth will allow you to configure – and reconfigure – your trade show booth on-the-fly to accommodate your varying needs throughout the run of the trade show that you are participating in.

Portable trade show displays modular trade show display

Modular Trade Show Guarantee

Only Modular Trade Show Displays can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years!

Modular Trade Show Lead Time

To get your own Modular Trade show Display, you will need 4 to 8 weeks lead time to get the trade show display of your dreams. Your custom trade show displays could be available in less than the standard turnaround times, but may incur additional charges.

Contact us for more information about making your trade show display dreams come true.