Trade Show Wall Panels

Trade show displays are an important component in the promotion of your business, product or service. Attendees at trade shows are drawn to impressive trade show displays and less likely to be drawn to less expensive trade show displays, unless your attraction includes a celebrity star attraction. Without a celebrity, the draw defaults to the trade show display itself.

This is why corporations, promoters, vendors and businesspeople spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their trade show presentations. An effective trade show experience can pay for itself many times over in increased sales and/or presence in any marketplace.

Here at Modular Trade Show Display, we’re leveling the playing field for trade show exhibitors by making modular trade show displays that are affordable trade show displays within a moderate price range within reach of trade show exhibitors on a budget. What’s more is our modular trade show display systems are reusable over and over again due to our patented trade show wall panels.

Trade Show Wall Panels

Modular Trade Show Display trade show wall panels are unlike any other trade show display system. They possess characteristics which are unique, such as being Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight, high strength interlocking panels which can easily be expanded to any trade show booth size by adding additional trade show wall panels.

Lightweight Trade Show Wall Panels

Our patented solid trade show wall panels weigh a fraction of other solid trade show panels created with traditional construction methods. The lightweight trade show wall panels make it easy for one or two inexperienced people to assemble an entire trade show booth in minutes. The lightweight trade show wall panels also means they are less costly to transport between trades shows.

High Strength Trade Show Wall Panels

The strength of our trade show wall panels exceed other lightweight trade show wall panels due to the patented torsion box composite core inside which keeps them straight and true over time. They are stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI). In fact, due to their unparalleled strength your premium Modular Trade Show Display wall panels can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Insulated Trade Show Wall Panels

The idea of building a modern trade show display with insulation is a relatively new concept, normally only an issue if trying to include a portable insulated booth, small office, theater, conference or meeting room in your trade show booth design, where climate and noise control are issues. Yet the advantages of having an insulated trade show booth is impressive even in an open floor plan and the benefits are increased sound deflection which is apparent even to passersby.

Interlocking Trade Show Wall Panels

A variety of connection methods are available including custom biscuit joining and some of our proficient do it yourselfers just get the raw panels using their own methods of connecting our trade show wall panels, though the most popular trade show wall panels have our cam lock system pre-installed for easy assembly. Using our cam lock trade show wall panels trade show displays can be quickly and easily assembled without any tools (only an Allen wrench is required to lock in interlocking trade show wall panels).

Reusable Trade Show Wall Panels

Modular Trade Show Display brings sustainability to the trade show industry with our Eco-friendly modular trade show wall panels.
The beauty of having and owning your own reusable trade show wall panels is that you always have them. Instead of building a trade show display then demolishing it, you simply disassemble your modular trade show display and stack your trade show panels. Flat packed modular trade show wall panels can easily be shipped to the next location on your trade show tour, or alternately shipped back to your home or warehouse for convenient storage for your next trade show.

Expandable Trade Show Wall Panels

If you think of each trade show wall panel as individual trade show display components, it’s not that much of a stretch to think of how completely customizable and expandable our Modular Trade Show Display system is.

Let’s say you start your foray into attending trade shows with a modest 10×10 trade show booth, but as your business grows, you would like to expand to a 10×20 booth for your next trade show display; no problem. Just order the trade show wall panels and connectors to expand your existing modular trade show display. Want to completely change the design or layout of your trade show display? Again, just order whatever modular trade show wall panels you need to get it done.

Any other system would require repurchasing a completely new trade show display.

10×10 Booth

The mainstay entry point of the new trade show exhibitor is the economical 10×10 booth display. It is likely the least expensive way to expose your new product or idea to thousands of trade show attendees searching for projects or items, like yours.


Available in your choice of:

Of course, there are many factors to consider when attending a trade show to display your wares. First and foremost, you must select the right trade show to attend, making certain that attendees will include your specific target market. You must establish a target market for your product or service, for if you believe that your offering is for everyone, you find it unlikely it will be embraced by anyone. The more precise your target market, the better your chances of success.

Once you’ve reserved your space, if you’ve decided to rent a 10×10 booth space to make your debut, you will need to supply your own 10×10 both to display your goods at the trade show in question. There are several options, you could rent a 10×10 booth from a trade show rental agency, you could buy a portable trade show display and bring it to the show and set it up yourself, or you could have one custom-built on site.

Rent a 10×10 Booth

Trade show rental agencies buy the trade show displays up front and warehouse them for rental by the show. So, you could rent a 10×10 booth from anywhere from about $1,000 to $10,000 for one show. This might be the best route to go if you’re only intent is to attend a single show. If you’re thinking you might be interested in attending more than one show, you’re better off to

Buy a Portable Trade Show Display

When you purchase a 10×10 booth, you own it. You can use it as many times as you like in any 10×10 trade show space. For the most part the 10×10 booth you purchase is reusable depending how it responds to wear and tear over time.

You can buy a simple, cheap 10×10 booth made of PVC pipe as a frame, draped with a fabric curtain for around $500 as an entry price point. For more substantial modular trade show display systems, you may expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $18,000 depending on the trade show system. The lower range often includes a hybrid trade show display system using a combination of truss booth and fabric, while expecting to pay more for real walls.

You can get our 10×10 booth that is a modular trade show booth system for $4,500 including Free Shipping to your door anywhere in the USA. These are lightweight, solid 2-inch thick professional modular trade show booth walls that are stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound. This system is fully customizable by adding your own individual vinyl trade show display artwork for that high end display quality which is the most affordable of all 10×10 trade show booth ideas.


What’s more? When you get our DIY Modular Trade Show System with Free Shipping, your system is completely expandable. When you decide to upgrade to a bigger trade show display space, there’s no need to get a whole new system, simply add the pieces you need to expand your current 10×10 booth, making it expandable to any size trade show booth at any time.

Custom-built 10×10 Trade Show Booth

Sometimes for a one-and-only trade show appearance, a vendor might opt to have a custom stick-built trade show booth. It’s a one-time 10×10 booth build that is demolished and disposed of following the trade show exhibition’s end. These custom-built 10×10 trade show display booths start at about $10,000 and can go up to $150,000 or more from there.

Not limited to a 10×10 booth

Even though your 10×10 booth design is the basic starting point, you could easily add additional modular trade show wall panels to expand your 10×10 booth design to increase the size of your trade show display to a 10×20 trade show display or 20 x 20 trade show booth.

Outdoor trade show booth

You might like to know that our DIY Modular Trade Show System with Free Shipping is rugged enough to use as a high-end outdoor trade show booth for outdoor events to display your wares.

For more information, see: Modular Trade Show System with Free Shipping