Trade Show Booth

The latest advancements in trade show booths has exhibitors in search of an Eco-friendly trade show booth that is portable, breaks down into easy to handle components, sets up easily with limited skills, packs flat, is easily and inexpensively stored, shipped and transported.

20 ft trade show booth interlocking wall panels
20 ft. Trade Show Booth Interlocking Wall Panels

Ergo, the Modular Trade Show Display is the answer to the dreams of the exhibitor looking to invest in a portable trade show system that can be stored in house, shipped to the trade show, assembled, disassembled flat-packed and shipped back to your location to be stored until the next show…

This revolutionary new approach to the contemporary trade show booth design is based upon basic interlocking components that can be used again and again and easily expandable, so that your trade show booth grows with you, and can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years.

Responsible and effective trade show exhibitors are increasingly interested in sustainable approaches to exhibitions and trade fairs. Even the most exclusive, high end firms spend thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars on trade show displays built by union (or non-union) contractors on site, that are subject to demolition and processed as waste following the trade show.

Due to being expandable to meet the needs, requirements and adapting to the growth of a company or business, your Modular Trade Show Display could be the most impactful vendor booth investment for your business or enterprise. It is so affordable, that you can buy an entire system for not much more than it would cost to rent a trade show booth for your respective event.

No trade show booth offers as much versatility as your Modular Trade Show Display, because it can be configured and reconfigured at any point within the show to accommodate your needs. The lightweight trade show booth components are solid (made of patented torsion box composite material) that is fully insulated, extremely lightweight and can easily be assembled and disassembled by one or two non-skilled staff.

What’s it take to assemble your trade show booth?

Only one tool is required for your trade show booth’s assembly: an Allen wrench. That’s it.

The trade show booth components conveniently interlock using embedded cam-lock technology.

So, if you’re on the lookout for new vendor booth ideas, or if you’re an artist or craftsperson looking for alternative craft show display ideas, it might be time to step up your game and decide whether it’s time for your to take your responsible trade show or fair displays more seriously.

A responsible one-time investment, for years of reusable flexibility as an expenditure for a trade show display that you own and can grow with you being completely expandable. In fact, you can even build your own two story double decker trade show display using modular trade show display components.

Modular trade show displays provide the ultimate flexibility in trade show design for portable displays, saving you thousands in trade show rentals, whether indoors or used as an outdoor display, with the added benefit of being yours, you own it and can reuse(and/or expand) it as many times as you want.

Trade Show Booth Vendor Booth Ideas

Make this year your standout year at your next trade show, food fair, vendor promotional event, craft show, art fair or other event to display your wares to the masses by making a one-time investment in your own modular trade show display system.

No other trade show display system is so simply turn-key and can be used again and again without fail.

Whether you’re setting up a trade show booth, mall kiosk, coffee kiosk, photo kiosk, food kiosk, art fair booth or vendor booth, Modular Trade Show Booth has the best modular trade who displays available for use in so many different applications.

Now, modular trade show displays are not cheap, so don’t expect bargain basement prices. In fact, modular trade show displays are only for the serious connoisseurs of the finest trade show displays known to man; for they are the elite high-end sports car of trade show displays.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of a Modular Trade Show Display:


Modular trade show displays are proudly made in the USA, as are the base materials (insulated and reinforced torsion box core) they are constructed of. The entire manufacturing process utilizes very little energy, incorporates recycled materials, responsible use of natural materials and produces little or no waste. Only formaldehyde free adhesives are used and there are no toxic fumes or off-gassing.


Compared to high-end stick-built trade show displays, modular trade show displays weigh-in at a fraction of the weight of other trade show displays greatly reducing shipping and transportation costs and landing fees. Your whole 70 ft trade show display can easily be flat-packed and wheeled around on a basic piano dolly.


You can rest assured knowing that your modular trade show booth is the strongest display at the event. The patented trade show display panels that are used to manufacture your trade show displays are extremely solid and strong (660 PSI); stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

Assembles in Minutes

We recently timed a one-man build of a 70 ft trade show display, including two offices with doors, in 46 minutes… and this man had never built a trade show display in his life. The only tool that he used was an Allen wrench to assemble the entire 70 ft trade show display. No skilled labor, construction crew or carpentry needed to quickly assemble your trade show display components in minutes. Can be assembled by one person but it is more fun and easy with two.

Lasts Longer than Any Trade Show Display System

Your modular trade show displays are a fantastic investment because they last virtually forever. They will not warp, bend, twist (delaminate) or otherwise fail due to their internal patented warp free torsion box design. You will be glad to know that your modular trade show displays can be guaranteed against failure or warping for a full 50 years. (And they can be easily repairable without compromising structure strength.)