Modern Trade Show Booth

When it comes to exhibit systems, Modular Trade Show Displays offer high end convenience, cost effectiveness and sustainability to the table like no other trade show display manufacturer.


When the major players come to your exhibition show, they have contactors show up on site and stick-build their trade show display from scratch. Following the exhibition, the trade show display is demolished and disposed of, while a new system is being built for the next show on the presentation circuit.

If you have an inkling of a sincere desire to be somewhat responsible about taking care of the earth, you might realize this is a huge irresponsible use of natural resources. That’s why it makes sense to take a proactive Eco-friendly approach to your tradeshow representation by investing in a reusable high end system, like those offered by Modular Trade Show Displays, that are lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble and are expandable, so they grow with your company over time.

If you are shopping for the newest emerging technology in modern trade show displays, you will like the fact that all our products are based on the latest patented space age booth materials that are featured on earth, from below the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, including an exhibition show near you.

Why Modern Trade Show Display?

Modular Trade show Components are designed to interlock using the best cam lock panel technology. Individual trade show panel components are lightweight enough that they can be easily assembled by one or two unskilled person armed with nothing more than an Allen wrench as the only tool necessary for assembly.

How Easy Is It?

Modern trade show displays by Modular Trade Show Displays are the only exhibition systems that are every bit as nice (or superior) to custom stick built displays, because they are reusable, lightweight, high strength, easy to assemble, disassemble, flat pack, transfer and store.


You Can Do It Yourself

For the avid DIY aficionado, you can design and build your own system by selecting specific items from our menu of standard products that you can snap together as easily as possible. Plus, if you act now, you will receive FREE SHIPPING to any street address in the USA.

Custom Modern Trade Show Booth

You can design your trade show system the way that you’d like it and we can build the modular components to achieve the results you desire. Our factory can handle any size, shape, style or configuration for your modern trade show booth.

Modern Trade Show Booth Versatility

Grows With You

Your modern trade show booth can be built to your specifications today, then as you business grows, so can your modern trade show booth. Simply Contact Us to get the components that you need to expand to the added floor space that you will be working with when the time comes.

No need to ditch the old one and buy a new one starting from scratch.

Any Booth Materials

Our standard modern trade show booth materials have limited exterior surface selections, but custom trade show components can be made of any flat building materials, like any wood species, aluminum, cement board, concrete, fiberglass/FRP, HPL, Kevlar, Lexan, LVL, MDF, steel or any other booth material you can think of.

Vinyl Wrap Ready

Your modern trade show display is ready to be wrapped with the vinyl wrap of your choice, for that modern look that can be changed from show to show to meet your expectations.



You have the power to create your modern trade show booth to your specifications and/or change the configuration on site to suit your needs. For instance, if you have a meeting or demonstration scheduled at your booth’s location, it is easy to reconfigure ad recreate your design – like into an office or enclosed presentation area – on-the-fly.

Take a Look

Take a look at our standard products, and try your hand at designing your own modern trade show booth with our standard components, or let your design imagination run wild and Get a Price Estimate on the modern trade show display of your dreams.

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