Trade Show Booth Trade Show Exhibits

Modular Trade Show Display brings the most lightweight (a fraction of stick built) high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) trade show booth trade show exhibits to breach the perimeter of the trade show industry, setting new records for the ambitious trade show exhibitors of the year.

This is not your daddy’s trade show booth, as modular trade show displays are setting new records for sustainable trade show booths that are the most practical trade show exhibits ever conceived. The construction of each tradeshow booth is based on patented technology that brings the excitement of space age technology (honeycomb panels) and high end wood craftsmanship (natural wood torsion box design) to create a composite trade show panel which outperforms any known trade show display technology.

Let your trade show display ideas run wild without limits in your trade show booth displays in kits that come complete with trade show lighting in an Eco-friendly reusable trade show display crate for easy flat packing, transportation and storage from show to show and back home again.

No longer will you be shackled to the unnecessary trade show booth rental at every show because now you can own your tradeshow display outright, and as your business grows, your modular trade show display grows with you. For instance, let’s say your first investment with Modular Trade Show Display starts you off with our most popular 10×10 trade show booth entry point. What happens next year when you want to get a 10×20 trade show exhibit? If you had any other system, you would have to ditch the old system and have to start over with a new 10×20 trade show booth. Not with Modular Trade Show Displays, all you do is to obtain the new pieces to expand your current display, or get another 10×10 booth and set them side by side. Whatever you decide, you are never limited, your trade show system grows with you, and you can reconfigure your display at any time by adding the components you want to your modular display.

And if you’re interested in high end custom trade show displays, Modular Trade Show Display has your back, there, too. No need to worry. That’s where we established our reputation among the most exclusive clients in the trade show industry. So whether you’re looking to set your trade show booth design ideas on fire with your unlimited creativity, we have the trade show walls you want in any size, up to 50 ft.

Now, you can have the trade show display booths you always wanted, pre-packaged with the trade show materials you want, such as lighting and cable chases and the best trade show wall panels that come complete with a 10 year no fail guarantee.

Plus, you are not limited by your trade show display design as the modular trade show display components can be reconfigured on the fly, during a show for different applications, or you can have a different sized modular trade show display to fit your trade show space. For instance, at one show you might have a 10×10 trade show booth, the next time you might have a corner space, or a bigger space, say 10×20. Because you have the most modern trade show booth, you can change it any way you want to meet your show’s particular needs.

Many of our clients are excited about using our interlocking modular trade show display panels to have a portable insulated booth that offers sound dampening qualities and can be used both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about compatibility with other trade show display components.

So, if you’re looking for high end trade show wall panels displays that are far superior than any of the other DIY modular trade show displays available in the industry today, you might want to consider some new trade show booth vendor booth ideas to include our patented trade show cam lock panels.

You can have a portable trade show booth that is lightweight, high strength and structurally guaranteed to be fail-free for 10 years that can eliminate the need to rent trade show booths ever again. If you think about it, if you’re renting your trade show exhibits, all it takes it a couple of events to pay for your tradeshow booth. Then you never have to pay exorbitant rental prices ever again.

Plus you can let your trade show display ideas run the gamut, because our interlocking modular display can be combines with other trade show booth displays and including trade show lighting packages for any possible custom trade show displays without having to pay another trade show booth rental.

Your patented tradeshow display is designed and built in a lightweight, easy to assemble configuration so that your trade show display booths can easily be assembled with one or two people without mess or tools. The best trade show booth design ideas are possible with your staring with our basic 10×10 trade show booth. And just because you started with a 10×10 booth doesn’t mean you’re stuck with having to replace it when you graduate to a bigger trade show space, because you can add another 10×10 booth, or add the modular trade show components you want to add and/or reconfigure your trade show display design.

And you don’t need expensive skilled labor or special tools to build the most impressive trade show walls because you have the best trade show materials including our patented trade show wall panels to achieve amazing results with very little expense. The best part is, you’re not limited to a particular modular trade show display design because you have the latest cutting edge modern trade show booth concept.

Whether you’re setting up your own version of the Newlywed Game and need a sound proof booth, or you need a portable insulated booth, you can move to various locations with ease, our patented trade show display components deliver the results you want.

For the first time trade show wall panels displays can be a one-time purchase, useable and expandable without having to go it alone or try to mickey mouse some trial and error DIY modular trade show displays. We are you partners in your trade shows inviting you to let your creative trade show booth vendor booth ideas flow freely, using our patented trade show cam lock panels.